The right to a green home: project builds energy, water efficient housesJuly 7, 2018

Dozens of homes in Jordan have been retrofitted to meet 'green' standards, allowing their inhabitants to enjoy a healthy indoor environment and reduce their energy and water consumption.

Project leaders say green living is a human right for all, regardless of income or social status.

The right to a green home


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Royal directive includes social housing in solar energy projectJuly 5, 2018

A number of residential care homes and juvenile centres have been included in solar energy projects for electric power generation, under Royal directives, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Implemented in the Madouna area with a capacity of 13 megawatts, solar energy projects included residential care for the elderly, orphans and persons with disabilities.


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Innovative building gives Zaatari residents cool, livable community centreJuly 5, 2018

Residents of Zaatari’s eighth district now have the chance to enjoy a comfortable, entertaining summer, as Oxfam recently inaugurated its new community centre desgined according to the pionnering SuperAdobe building technique.

In the presence of representatives from UNHCR, UNICEF and the Syrian Refugee affairs directorate, Oxfam country Director Nivedita Monga unveiled the first of its kind earth bag building inside the camp.


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