Prince Hassan opens symposium on cultural fluencyJuly 18, 2018

HRH Prince Hassan, chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies (RIIFS), on Tuesday opened the institute’s symposium on cultural fluency, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

Organised in cooperation with the American University of Notre Dame and Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem, the event tackled cultural fluency from Islamic, Christian, academic, cultural and human perspectives.


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Amman's first fresh fish market to open next yearJuly 18, 2018

A plan is under way to establish Amman’s first fresh fish market by the beginning of next year, according to a senior government official, who said that the project seeks to diversify Jordanians’ diet at affordable prices.

The Ministry of Agriculture will enable farmers to stock fish at hundreds of farm ponds spreading across the Kingdom to supply the planned fish market with different kinds of fresh fish, Minister of Agriculture Khaled"...

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Jordan issues more than 100,000 work permits for SyriansJuly 18, 2018

The Ministry of Labour has issued over 106,000 work permits for Syrian refugees so far while the number of workers in the informal economy remains at an estimated 300,000, head of the Syrian Refugees Department at the Ministry of Labour Hamdan Yacoub said on Saturday.

Yacoub warned that “the engagement of refugees with the informal economy is one of the most worrisome factors when gauging the impact of the refugee crisis on the Jordanian labour"...

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ILO, UNHCR boost partnership for refugees, host communities' employment July 18, 2018

A Letter of Understanding (LoU) on Tuesday was signed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), outlining ways to increase collaboration of joint activities aimed at helping refugees and host communities access decent work, according to a UNHCR statement.

The letter, which was based on an agreement signed between the two agencies in 2016, includes the need to ensure the protection of refugees in all implemented"...

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KHCF launches 15th summer camp for patientsJuly 18, 2018

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) has inaugurated its 15th consecutive summer camp for children receiving treatment at the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC).

The camp, which is held for a month annually, is part of the treatment received by the patients as doctors at the centre feel that 'the treatment of cancer is not only medical, but also psychological', according to a statement by the centre.


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Kuwait Airways denies social media report related to emergency landing in JordanJuly 18, 2018

Making its debut, a pilgrim-carrier flight coming from Indonesia as part of Makkah Road initiative arrived in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah after having completed the passengers checking-in at their departure post abroad.

As many as eleven governmental bodies have accomplished a concerted effort to finalize the entry process of pilgrims before arriving to their final destination, an initiative coming as part of the efforts of the Saudi government, led by"...

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Raytheon Touts Aircraft Cyber Protection; Jordan Signs Deal « Breaking DefenseJuly 18, 2018

Cyber protection and attacks are rarely discussed, especially when it comes to fighters and bombers.

If you want to shut down a conversation with industry or government officials start talking about radar, electronic warfare and cyber attacks. Which, of course, is a good indicator of just how very keen the threat can be.

The Pentagon has greatly increased its focus on cyber"...

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Gulf Designs on Jordan’s Foreign PolicyJuly 18, 2018

Framed as an act of goodwill and regional support, the June 10 renewal of the Gulf Aid Package to Jordan—after new economic austerity measures ignited mass protests—may spell trouble for the kingdom. As the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), move toward a more aggressive regional policy, it is likely that this most recent infusion of aid will come with political strings. The Gulf countries see Jordan as a lynchpin in their Israel–Palestine strategy and as a potential"...

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Bread was being baked in Jordan 4,000 years before the start of agriculture July 18, 2018

Archaeologists working in northeastern Jordan have discovered the charred remains of bread baked 14,400 years ago, at least 4,000 years before the agricultural revolution brought farming to the region.

The find, the oldest direct evidence of bread ever discovered, suggests that ancient hunter-gatherers were grinding cereals such as oat, barley and einkorn and turning them into flatbreads long before they were systematically cultivating the plants. The"...

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No more visa fees: Israeli tourists can now enter Jordan for freeJuly 18, 2018

Jordan on Sunday waived visa fees for Israeli tourists arriving in the kingdom via the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal near Aqaba, according to Israeli press reports.

The decision applies to Israeli tourists who spend less than two nights in Jordan, according to a report published Israel's Ynet news outlet.

Jordan alongside Egypt is the only other Arab country that has a peace treaty and ...

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