Jordan, August 23, 2017
Jordan, Czech Republic hold talks, sign nuclear energy agreement

Jordan and the Czech republic Tuesday signed a cooperation agreement in the peaceful use of nuclear energy in the presence of their prime ministers, who held talks on enhancing bilateral ties and political developments in the Middle East.

The agreement, signed by the ambassadors of the two countries, includes the exchange of expertise in the civilian use of nuclear energy.

In a joint press conference with his Czech counterpart, Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister Hani Mulki said he valued the level of relations between Jordan and the Czech Republic in the political, trade, educational and security fields, adding that the two sides held 'important talks to open new scopes for joint cooperation and to enhance bilateral relations'.

Mulki said the talks tackled the situation in the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian issue, adding that 'we see that the Palestinian cause is the core of all the problems in the region and that finding a just solution to it will help solve the rest of the problems and challenges'.

He reiterated Jordan's call for restarting Palestinian-Israeli peace talks to arrive at a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue leading to an independent Palestinian state along pre-June, 1967, borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Mulki said that the issue of Jerusalem is a political, not a security one.

He lauded Prague's support of the two-state solution, expressing appreciation for US President Donald Trump's administration to relaunch the Middle East peace process.

Mulki said he also discussed with Sobotka the Syrian crisis and its repercussions on Jordan, which hosts about 1.3 Syrian refugees amidst tough economic conditions the Kingdom is going through. He praised the Czech government for extending aid to alleviate the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordan.

He emphasised that the solution in Syria is political, not military, adding that Jordan is doing its utmost to restore security and stability to its neighbour and the region as a whole.

The talks also dealt with a host of issues of common interest, including the war on terrorism by all military, security and ideological means, stressing that Jordan calls for a holistic approach to fight terrorist organisations. He stressed the Kingdom's condemnation of all terrorist attacks that struck a number of European countries and took civilian lives.

Sobotka noted that Jordan is an oasis of stability in a turbulent region, and said the Czech Republic will support its allies through the European Union in combatting terrorism and terrorist organisations.

On Syrian refugees in Jordan, he said the Czech Republic is among the countries that helped to solve the crisis and improve infrastructure, adding that Prague had provided about 2.2 million dollars in aid for this purpose and will continue a medical programme for the refugees.