Jordan, February 12, 2018
Healthy Schools Programmes in Jordan

In November 2016 the Ipsos Foundation awarded the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) the sum of €12,600 to assist in the introduction of the Healthy Schools programme into two schools in the north of Jordan (close to the Syrian border). Since then the two schools have enthusiastically implemented a health education plan. In the Al Mnaisah School they tackled topics such as oral and personal hygiene as well as the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition. For each age group the topics were introduced in different ways to increase their relevance. The younger age group were provided with live demonstrations and activities such as hand-washing and brushing their teeth, whilst the older students looked at issues such as drug abuse and smoking.

One of the greatest challenges for the West Areenbah School was to increase local community involvement. In an effort to increase enthusiasm, students volunteered their help in conducting free blood pressure and glucose measurements. Other health education topics covered included mental health and Diabetes awareness sessions, nutrition, personal hygiene and first aid. The school was also delighted with a visit of Ipsos employees to participate in one of their health activities.