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    Jordan, May 16, 2018
    Army chief participates in EU Chiefs of Staff conference in Brussels

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lit. Gen. Mahmoud Freihat, participated in the European Union Chiefs of Staff Conference, held at the European Union headquarters in Brussels.

    Jordan was invited to participate in this meeting as a strategic partner.

    The Chief of Staff delivered a speech in which he shed light on the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF)'s role in maintaining world peace and security and combating extremism and terrorism.

    'Jordan needs a secure environment where economic growth can be achieved, as well as a high standard of living, education and treatment for everyone, and we know that this goal needs a common and strong approach with our allies and all government bodies and institutions,' he said.

    He added that 'Jordan understands the need to activate the work of alliances to achieve common goals and we also understand our commitment and moral duty in other areas of responsibility.'

    Freihat pointed out that JAF has something to offer to the EU and all friendly alliances, 'and we have gathered a great deal of expertise, and we support and interact with our allies in the region and will continue to do so for many years to come.'

    'I look forward to hearing your views and opinions so that Jordan could become a stronger ally of the EU and the NATO forces,' the army chief concluded.

    During his visit, Freihat held meetings with Chief of Defence Staff of the United Kingdom's Armed Force, Stuart Peach, who will take over as head of the NATO military commission in June, and Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, Danilo Errico, who will take over as head of the EU's military commission in November.

    Freihat discussed with his British and Italian counterparts ways to boost relations between JAF and committees they will chair, in addition to the latest developments in the region and means of enhancing joint cooperation in the interest of the coalition countries, the European Union and the Kingdom.