Jordan, June 7, 2018
Cancer cases lower in Jordan than developed countries

Cancer patients who are more than 60 years old constitute 45 per cent of the total number of cancer patients in the Kingdom, King Hussein Cancer Centre Director General Asem Mansour said on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Jordan News Agency, Petra, Mansour said that this age category forms 6-7 per cent of the Kingdom's population, but accounts for almost half of the cancer cases in Jordan, estimating the number of new cancer patients at 8,000 cases annually, both citizens and residents.

Mansour noted that, compared to the rates recorded in developed countries, the infection rates in Jordan are lower, attributing this to the efficiency of early inspection and the higher age average in developed countries.

According to international statistics, cancer rates in Arab countries are still low compared to other countries, Mansour said, adding that these rates are expected to increase as the Arab world is witnessing a change in the population pyramid, with a raise in the numbers of old people and the spread of cancer factors.

The director noted that cancer factors include smoking, alcohol, overweight, food pattern and laziness, which are responsible for some 70 per cent of cancer cases.

Cancer accounts for 7-9 per cent of the health budgets of Arab countries, according to Mansour, who noted that 50 per cent of cancer treatment bills, which include medicines and cancer treatment equipment, are imported materials.