Jordan, July 2, 2018
Energy Ministry to announce global weekly rates of oil derivatives

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zwati said on Sunday that the ministry will announce on weekly basis the average prices of oil derivatives and benchmark Brent crude rates to keep the public posted about the fluctuations in global petroleum markets.

Global oil prices are the basis adopted in calculating fuel prices sold in the Kingdom given average prices in reference markets for the period of 30 days that precede the date of declaring prices, she said.

The minister presented a chart and a table of reference prices accredited in the pricing of oil derivatives, including Brent index, for the last three months.

According to the chart, the average price of 90-octane gasoline for April was 644.77 dollars per ton. It rose in May to 724.2 dollars, while the rate dropped in June to 693.58 dollars per ton.