Jordan, July 5, 2018
Health minister meets WHO official to discuss health, climate

Minister of Health, Mahmoud Sheyyab, on Wednesday met with World Health Organization's (WHO) Assistant Director-General for Climate and Other Determinants of Health, Dr. Joy St John, to discuss cooperation on joint projects and programs to reduce short-term climate pollutants and reduce air pollution.

Sheyyab stressed that the Ministry, through the Environmental Health Directorate, is carrying out the health programs which will process medical waste using environment friendly devices.

He pointed out the roadmap to the health sector and other relevant sectors to improve and protect the health of Jordanians, particularly vulnerable groups (such as elderly people, children under the age of five and pregnant women) and to improve the environment they live in.

St John praised the true and successful partnership with the Ministry of Health that seeks to implement environmental programs that benefit the citizen first and foremost, adding that Jordan has become one of the leading countries in the region that applies a clear and successful strategy in this regard in light of the heavy load which occurred due to Syrian refugees and their need for health services.

'The Ministry of Health has developed a strategy for adaptation to climate change to protect health, a plan of action and a system through the joint program 'Adapting to Climate Change' to ensure the sustainability of the achievements of the Development Goals in Jordan,' Director of Environmental Health Directorate, Salah Al Hyari, stated.

The adaptation strategy focuses on appropriate interventions to reduce the health impacts of climate change, and it will have the ability to produce improved health outcomes in the long run.