Jordan, September 20, 2018
Bank al Etihad introducing the New SWIFT GPI Feature in Jordan

Joining a growing network of over 90 leading banks worldwide, Bank al Etihad‘s retail and corporate clients can now securely send and receive transfers across borders with greater speed and enjoy an array of added value features through the recently introduced SWIFT global payments innovation (SWIFT gpi), while facilitating financial stability and fund management.

By embracing this new global payments standard, Bank al Etihad clients can now benefit from enhanced fee and exchange rate transparency, unaltered remittance information and improved operational efficiency through an international payment assistant. Also, SWIFT gpi allows visibility on the status of payment transactions at all stages, from the moment they are sent, all the way until they reach their final destination anywhere in the world, ultimately ensuring maximum convenience and peace of mind for clients.

Specific features have been designed to help provide an increased layer of security to the SWIFT gpi platform. These include the option to stop and recall payments in case of suspected fraud, as well as the transfer of rich payment data to permit clients to automatically reconcile invoices and payments and keep track of them at the touch of a button.