Jordan, February 5, 2019
Jordan spent JD112 million on nuclear program in 10 years

Amman, Feb. 4 (Petra) -- Jordan has spent a total of JD112 (about USD158) on its nuclear energy program since its inception 10 years ago, according to Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) Chairman Khaled Toukan.

Speaking at a seminar at the Arab Thought Forum, Toukan said the Jordanian nuclear energy program is on the right path as confirmed by the reports issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Advisory Group, which also indicated that the program has accumulated gains and achievements that must be built on in the future.

Toukan spoke about the 5-megawatt research and training reactor at the Jordan University for Science and Technology which was inaugurated in 2016 opening the door for training Jordanian students and nuclear physicists. Furthermore, the facility produces Iodine-131 which is now supplied to various hospitals in the Kingdom.

The JAEC continues to negotiate with international nuclear technology suppliers (Chinese, South Korean, British, American and Russian) to build nuclear power plants to generate electricity through compact nuclear reactors, according to Toukan.

He further indicated that the commission is studying the feasibility of building two nuclear reactors in the Kingdom for electricity production and water desalination using system-integrated modular advanced reactors (SMART) at a combined capacity of 220 megawatts of electricity.