Jordan, February 7, 2019
Jordanian doctors perform successful rare vocal cords surgery

Amman, Feb. 6 (Petra) -- A team of Jordanian surgeons at the government-run Prince Hamzah Hospital has successfully performed a rare surgical intervention to remove a congenital anomaly in the vocal cords (called laryngeal web) of an 11-year-old girl.

Dr. Amjed Tarifi, the otolaryngologist/laryngologist who led the operation, said the laryngeal web had severely affected the little girl's voice pitch and caused breath shortness when doing any physical exercise.

He added that patient, who is of an Arab nationality, had been seen by doctors and hospitals outside Jordan where she had undergone multiple surgeries but they were all unsuccessful.

Detailing the procedure, Tarifi, an assistant professor at the Hashemite University, said it was carried out under general anesthesia and a keel was placed to prevent the vocal cords from reattaching to the laryngeal web and cause further complications. The girl is now in good condition and recovering, he added.