Jordan, February 7, 2019
Zawati reaffirms small projects not affected by renewable energy decision

AMMAN — The recent decision to freeze new renewable energy projects will not affect licensed and small projects already underway with a capacity of less than 1 megawatt, Energy Minister Hala Zawati reaffirmed on Tuesday.

During a meeting held by EDAMA Association for Energy, Water and Environment, Zawati said that new renewable energy projects will not halt permanently as the decision to freeze renewable energy projects through traditional and renewable resources is temporary, pending a new national energy strategy and transparent mechanisms and infrastructure.

She added that the ministry would form committees, which would participate in the preparation of a national strategy for the energy sector, which is expected to be finished by mid-2019, according to a ministry statement.

She also reviewed challenges facing the energy sector in the Kingdom, including renewable energy, highlighting the government’s policy to create solutions through regulatory measures, improving infrastructure, expanding the electrical grid and cooperation with Arab countries.

The minister called on participants to help the ministry by recommending suggestions that contribute to creating a clear and transparent plan that serves the general public and ensures energy security, affirming the role of EDAMA in bridging the divide between the public and private energy sectors.

Director General of the National Electric Power Company Amjad Rawashdeh highlighted the importance of renewable energy in Jordan, which is expected to constitute 30 per cent of Jordan’s total energy mix by 2022.

He added that the electrical services in the Kingdom are close to the level of services offered by companies in developed nations, saying that the freeze on new renewable energy projects adheres to government endeavours to ensure quality by plans and national strategies.