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Jordan, June 16, 2019
EMRC issues instructions on transporting radioactive materials

Amman, June 15 (Petra) - The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) Board of Commissioners has approved licensing requirements of transporting radioactive and nuclear materials and radiation protection related to occupational exposure to ensure the protection of humans and the environment from pollution and exposure to ionizing radiation.

EMRC Chief Commissioner Farouq Hiari said 'licensing instructions for transporting radioactive and nuclear materials determine the conditions of transporting radioactive and nuclear materials and ways of ensuring the safety of workers in this field.'

The instructions are intended to ensure that the licensee or the authorized person is in a position to protect workers in cases of occupational exposure to workers in the production, supply, provide and transport of radioactive materials and devices containing radioactive materials and the production and generation of radiation-generating devices, Hiari added

The instructions oblige the licensee and authorized person to develop a systematic and continuous program to monitor the personal radiation of employees to ensure that the working conditions remain safe, as well as monitoring personal exposures through monitoring and assessing external, internal and individual risks, Hiari noted.