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Jordan, June 24, 2019
Arab Ministerial Tourism Council kicks off 24th session

Cairo, June 23 (Petra) - The Executive Office of Arab Ministerial Tourism Council (AMTC) has begun its 24th session, here on Sunday, under the chairmanship of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

During its deliberations, the executive office discussed revising the draft Arab strategy for tourism, submitted by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, which was approved by the Arab Summit in Baghdad in 2012.

In a press statement, the Arab League's tourism department chief, Dina Dahir, said the executive office also discussed the report of the working group, tasked with following up on the implementation of the tourism, cultural heritage integration initiative in the Arab countries.

Discussions also went over activating the tourism information and statistics proposal in support of the Arab tourism strategy, provided by the Bahrain Tourism Authority, to serve the AMTC's objectives and joint Arab tourism activities, Dahir pointed out.