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Iraq, July 10, 2019
Iraq to export oil to Syria, Jordan: Iraqi PM Adil Abdul Mahdi

SULAIANI – Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday (July 9) that he had sent several proposals to the Council of Ministers, including exporting oil to Jordan and Syria.

Abdul Mahdi said during his weekly conference that his country had lost several pathways for exporting oil, thus it should export oil in different ways for the time being.

“There are several cases with the Council for Battling Corruption…it will open them soon, including smuggling oil and countering the narcotics,” he continued.

“The government is debating urgent plans to replace oil export substitutes if the Strait of Hormuz was closed.”

Iraq exported oil from Kirkuk oilfields to the port of Banias in the past years through the Kirkuk-Banias pipeline and could 300,000 crude oil bpd.

Kirkuk-Bania was founded in 1952, as well as it is 800 kilometers length.

The former Iraqi oil minister Jabbar Aluuaibi said that Iraq was trying to increase its exports to seven millions oil barrels per day from four million barrels.

Iraq comes second in exporting oil after Saudi Arabia in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting (OPEX). Also, it exports a large portion of its crude oil to Asia.