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Jordan, August 8, 2019
Public holidays stimulate domestic tourism: JCC President

Amman, Aug.7 (Petra)-- President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Senator Nael Kabariti, said public holidays, whether during Eids seasons or official occasions, contribute to stimulating domestic tourism, which reflects positively on various economic sectors.

'When we talk about a government decision, made in coordination with both sectors that is the basis of partnership, the decision is binding to the private sector,' Kabariti said Wednesday in press briefing.

He added that public holidays officially specified, either Eids or official events, contribute to stimulating domestic tourism, which is a key factor in the financial and economic activities, and reflects on many sectors, especially in light of the decline in trade.

Al-Kabariti expressed hope that the economic sectors will abide by what was stated in the prime minister's announcement regarding the Eid Al-Adha holiday and If some economic institutions deem it necessary to continue their work on public holidays, they must guarantee the right of employees according to the Labor Law.