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Jordan, September 4, 2019
ASEZA plans air show to boost Golden Triangle tourism

AMMAN — Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) has announced plans to host an air show, which will start running in March 2020 and become an annual event.

ASEZA has started preparations for the international event as part of its marketing strategy. The authority has added the show to the tourism events calendar, according to a statement issued by ASEZA.

According to ASEZA, the show will consist of day and night parts.

The plans were announced on Tuesday at the Hyatt Hotel in Amman, during a press conference which was attended by ASEZA Commissioner for Economic Affairs Sharhabeel Sobhi Ahmed Madi, Royal Jordanian Falcons General Manager Riyad Ayyoub and Aeropact Vice President Hubert Topoliski.

ASEZA said the show is supposed to increase interest in the Golden Triangle, which comprises Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra.

The producer of Aqaba Air Show 2020 is a Polish company, Aeropact, according to the statement.

Aeropact specialises in organising air shows and has many years of experience, read the statement, adding that over a million spectators from 15 countries have admired their shows with the participation of 700 aircraft.