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Jordan, September 5, 2019
Initiative to walk the extra mile to raise health awareness

AMMAN — As part of their 'everyone's right to health' initiative, ERTIQAA for Empowerment & Awareness Raising will host an advocacy walk for health, September 6.

'We will walk because we believe everyone in Jordan is entitled to equal opportunities in health access, support and education,' a press release e-mailed to The Jordan Times read.

Non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes account for 78 per cent of deaths in Jordan, according to World Health Organisation 2017 Statistics.

ERTIQAA, a network member of NCD Alliance focused on health empowerment and awareness raising, is hoping to bring attention to this fact.

'This is part of our Human Rights and equality health awareness raising campaign; whereby, we call for everyone’s right to health in terms of access, information, education, and support regardless of where they live or who they are; as disease knows no boundaries and has no nationality,' their press release reads.