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Jordan, January 22, 2020
Energy sector strategy will focus on reducing costs: Ministry

Amman, Jan. 21 (Petra)-- The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said the comprehensive energy sector strategy for (2020-2030) will be announced after endorsing its final draft by the cabinet.

The strategy includes four components focusing on security of energy supply, affordable energy availability (lower energy costs) and sustainability, in addition to increased reliance on local sources, the ministry said Tuesday in a statement.

Through the strategy, the ministry seeks to diversify energy sources and forms, increase the contribution of local energy sources to the overall energy mix, enhance energy efficiency in all sectors, reduce energy costs to the national economy, as well as developing the energy sector ecosystem in Jordan to turn it into a regional hub for exchanging energy in all its forms, according to the statement.

To achieve this, a self-reliance scenario was adopted by maximizing local energy sources in the electrical energy mix and the overall energy mix.