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Jordan, January 27, 2020
Gov't to double minimum basic retirement salaries this month — SSC-

AMMAN — Social Security Corporation (SSC) Director General Hazem Rahahleh on Sunday announced that the government will double basic minimum retirement salaries starting in January.

'The Cabinet has approved the increase of minimum retirement salaries from JD50 to JD100,' Rahahleh said during a press conference at the SSC's headquarters.

'The increase comes following Royal directives to improve the standards of living for all Jordanians and to help them face life's difficulties,' Rahahleh added.

According to the SSC director, the new decision will affect around 76,500 retired Jordanians who 'used to work with very low salaries before retiring'.

The increase, which totals JD23 million, will be paid retroactively in February, Rahahleh said.

He stressed that the increase in pension salaries for SSC beneficiaries, which was initiated in 2011, 'is systematic and examined carefully' to ensure that new salaries match the inflation.

'We study our steps carefully because any unstudied decisions might be at the cost of future generations and current beneficiaries,' he said.

At the same time, he added, the SSC constantly examines the salaries provided to beneficiaries to ensure that they are sufficient and can help them meet their daily needs.

The increase will cover Jordanian pensioners as well as Gaza Strip and West Bank pensioners who hold Jordanian documents and reside in the Kingdom.

The Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported that the government on Sunday also increased monthly assistance for eligible military veterans who are blind from JD100 to JD220.

The move was made in recognition of the sacrifices of military veterans who are blind and their contributions to the country’s security. The total number of beneficiaries amounts to 121 retirees, while the cost of the pay raise is expected to reach JD175,000 a year, according to Petra.

Earlier in the month, the SSC announced that the corporation will increase insurance coverage subscriptions by a maximum of six per cent, according to regulations issued by the corporation.

According to the SSC, those who subscribed before December 1, 2019 have the option to retain the increase in salary they requested before that date.

Insured persons whose salaries increased by less than 6 per cent can request an increase of a maximum of 6 per cent during the period set by the corporation. The same goes for those who have not requested the increase in the covered salary.

In May 2019, the Cabinet decided to increase the minimum pension and ill-health pension monthly payments for SSC pensioners to JD100, which impacted around 33,000 pensioners and 23,000 families of deceased pensioners.