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Jordan, February 2, 2020
RJ aircraft arriving from Wuhan undergoes complete sterilisation

Royal Jordanian (RJ) conducted a complete sterilisation and disinfection procedure to its aircraft that returned from Wuhan to Amman on Saturday morning (February 1).

The aircraft was dispatched to evacuate Jordanians, Palestinians and Arabs residing in this Chinese city where the coronavirus was said to originate.

The entire aircraft underwent the sterilisation process: seats, facilities and air conditioning; the best cleaning materials and equipment were used by a highly qualified team from a local company for the purpose.

The sterilisation and disinfection process went through three phases and took over two hours, following the international standards of the civil aviation authorities and Boeing’s protocol in this regard, which helps kill 100 per cent of bacteria, virus and fungi.

The airline will continue to exert its utmost efforts to maintain the international reputation it enjoys for maintaining the safety and security of its passengers, employees and aircraft, it said ina statement.