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Jordan, February 3, 2020
Jordan halts animal, plant products imports from China over Coronavirus

Jordanian authorities have announced a halt to the Chinese animal and vegetable products, as a precaution for the deadly Coronavirus, the agriculture ministry announced yesterday.

The director of the ministry’s licensing department, Karim Al-Hussami, told reported that the move was made to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus in Jordan, explaining that the decision would be reviewed “in the coming period.”

“Import licenses from China have been suspended until further notice,” Al-Hussami added.

On Saturday, China announced that the death toll from the flu-like virus had reached 304 people, noting that the number of infected people had hit 14,380 cases.

Since the outbreak of the virus in December, over 7,700 people have fallen ill, most of them in China. Health authorities around the world are racing to prevent a pandemic.