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Jordan, February 6, 2020
66% of Jordanians support scrapping gas deal with Noble Energy, says CSS poll -

Amman, Feb. 5 (Petra)-A recent opinion poll has revealed that 66% of Jordanians support scrapping the gas agreement signed between Jordanian National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and the US-owned Noble Energy, in the 'Jordan Street Pulse' poll series.

The poll, conducted by the Department of Public Opinion Polls and Surveys from January 21 to 25 and issued by the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan, surveyed a 'representative' sample of Jordanians from all the Kingdom's governorates.

On the energy agreement to import gas from Israel, 82% of respondents heard of the deal, while 18% denied any knowledge of it, showed the poll.

On the results, the vast majority of Jordanians, 66.5%, support scrapping the gas agreement, while 14% were opposed to rescinding it, and 19.5% did not know about this matter, the poll said.