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Jordan, February 13, 2020
Razzaz launches 68 investment opportunities worth $4.5 billion....1st and final add

The prime minister said the largest chunk of these investments (at $2 billion) will go the hospitality and tourism sectors, noting that there are 27 opportunities that include the construction of hotels, restaurants, theme parks and tourist resorts.

He expressed the hope that these investment opportunities will help propel economic growth and create jobs, stressing that the tourism sector is promising and 'every investment in it attracts more tourists'.

In this context, Razzaz indicated that the tourism sector grew by 9.9 percent last year, which is a very high ratio, as the number of inbound tourists in 2019 jumped by 38 percent compared with the year earlier.

Regarding the industrial sector's share of the prospective investments, the prime minister said they are estimated at $368 million in a wide range of sub-industries that include, but not limited to, silica and fertilizers production.

He pointed out that the industrial sector contributes 25 percent of the gross domestic product, that is, a quarter of the economy, just as it contributes to about 40 percent of the economy indirectly through other sectors.

According to the prime minister, more than 250,000 Jordanians work in about 18,000 plant and factories across the country. Further, the industrial sector accounted for about 65 percent of inbound investments in previous years.

On investment opportunities in the agricultural sector, Razzaz said that there are 23 opportunities with an investment value of $1.5 billion, focusing on agricultural manufacturing and agribusiness.