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Jordan, February 13, 2020
ACOR mobilizes digital tools to preserve Jordan's visual heritage

Amman, Feb. 12 (Petra)-Assistant Director of American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), Jack Green, said the Center's photo archiving project reflects the Arab region's social, historical, and economic status quo, which documents the 'remarkable' change over 80 years, with over 25 thousand archived.

In a lecture he delivered , titled 'The ACOR Photo Archive: Mobilizing Digital Tools to Preserve Visual Heritage,' Green said the Center’s library contains many rare photos in black and white for the city of Amman in the 1940s, in addition to photos showing the damage that occurred to the heritage sites in Iraq, Syria and Yemen during the past ten years as a result of the political instability in those countries.

The motive behind this project, funded by the American Department of Education, is the sustainability and access to photos at any time and for a longer period, Green said.

The Center, he noted, has trained Jordanian alumni on digitizing and archiving photos, in addition to hosting many high-caliber talents from world heritage institutions.

For her part, Jessica Holland, Director and Archiving Officer, said archiving officials and trainees are working with staff of 'ACOR' library to process up to 30 thousand photos on the Center's database to be available to researchers and those interested in both Arabic and English.

Holland also highlighted efforts made in cooperation with government agencies and donors to preserve the cultural and civilizational heritage of Jordan's and the region's countries.