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Jordan, September 1, 2020
September sees hike in fuel prices

AMMAN — The government’s fuel pricing committee on Monday decided to raise the prices of a number fuel derivatives for September.

With the committee’s decision, the price of one litre of unleaded 90-octane gasoline will go up from JD0.655 in August to JD0.675 in September, according to an Energy Ministry statement.

The price per litre of unleaded 95-octane gasoline will increase to JD0.890 in September, compared with JD0.875 in August.

The prices of diesel and kerosene will increase to JD0.480 per litre in September compared with JD0.465 per litre in August, while the price of gas cylinders, as usual, will remain at JD7.

Prices of oil derivatives in local market are calculated based on international prices, in addition to other costs, including shipping and taxes.

The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission on Monday also decided to maintain the “differences in fuel prices” category on monthly electricity bills for September at zero fils per kilowatt-hour, according to a commission statement.