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Jordan, September 9, 2020
Gov't not to impose blanket curfew Friday, says Adaileh

Amman, Sep. 8 (Petra) -- The government will not impose a blanket curfew in any of the country's governorates on Friday, Minister of State for Media Affairs told journalists Tuesday.

In a press conference, Adaileh said that instead of imposing curfews, the government is ramping up its monitoring and control of gatherings to make sure they are in line with safety measures and social distancing.

He said that the decision came following taking into consideration a more balanced approach toward the people's health and well being on the one hand and preserving the economy on the other as curfews had been proven to have a negative impact on various sectors.

Adaileh, who is also the government's spokesperson, said all who flout safety measures and endanger the lives of others will be held accountable under Defense Orders No. (11) and (8) of 2020.

He said that wedding parties, funerals and activities where there are gatherings will be placed under tighter control.

On curfew hours, the Minister said that starting Wednesday, shops will be required to close at 12:00 am as curfew hours will start at 01:00 am across the country.

'The epidemiological situation's developments may require the utmost levels of awareness and commitment. We have all witnessed, with a heavy heart, the heart wrenching death incidents for people from different age groups - may God have mercy on their souls.

'I would like to send a message to all those who insist on doubting the mere existence of the coronavirus pandemic and its danger, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that no one is forced to live through the pain of losing a loved one,' he said.

He urged everyone to assume their responsibility and download the 'Aman' app that aids the epidemiological tracing teams in their effort to stem the spread of the virus, saying 'this is the responsibility of each citizen and resident.'

On resuming commercial flights, Adaileh said that the government's approach is subject to constant review, and the 'Green, Yellow and Red' classification may change as per the countries' epidemiological developments.