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    Amman Innovation in Politics Forum’ hears of present-day challenges, solutions

    November 22, 2020
    finance & economy

    AMMAN — Concentrated on innovative solutions for pressing political challenges in the MENA region, the annual “Innovation in Politics Forum” aims to identify inventive approaches and methodologies from various backgrounds, contributing to an understanding of democracy, freedom and innovation from different perspectives in the MENA region.

    The first edition of the forum took place last year in Beirut, and being named after the city where it is being hosted, this year’s online edition is titled “Amman Innovation in Politics”, according to a statement from the organisers.

    With more than 20 leading expert speakers in politics, academia, civil society and media from all over the world, this year’s edition draws on the latest digital technologies, connecting studios from across the world to enable a 3D experience for its audience.

    The forum, held on Friday and Saturday, was organised by the MENA office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF MENA) in partnership ALDE Party, SILC and FNF Spain, Italy, Portugal and Mediterranean Dialogue.

    The forum is to build an annual platform for experts and the public alike, where courageous and innovative political approaches, projects and best-practices can be identified, read the statement.

    The forum uses different interactive formats. In an experimental manner, the event is designed to reflect the power of ideas through un-conferencing methods enabling two-way interaction and communication between the audience and experts.

    “If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that nothing will be the same as it used to. We planned for many months to have this year’s forum physically, but with the challenges COVID-19 imposes on us, we had to stimulate our innovation with our partners and friends to make it happen despite the challenges,” said Dirk Kunze, regional director of FNF MENA during the opening session of the forum.

    “We have learned that everyone can invent alone, but one cannot innovate alone,” he emphasised.

    The online event discussed five topics: Innovation and the power of networks, rethinking politics in the MENA region, innovation and partnerships in the Mediterranean area, artificial intelligence, geopolitics and information integrity in the MENA region, in addition to innovation and gender with focus on methods to stimulate change in the region.

    “The current pandemic taught us one thing: The importance of physical, human connection and networks. This lasts the longest and is the foundation of human cooperation that leads to innovation,” said Hans van Baalen, president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE), during his session on Innovation and the Power of Networks.

    Amman Innovation in Politics Forum is an interdisciplinary project on particular topics and issues, giving committed actors the chance to gather ideas for improved politics and its practical and theoretical aspects, coming all together from Amman to the world, according to the statement.


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