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    Fuel prices to remain stable in December, except for diesel

    December 1, 2020
    oil and gas

    Amman, Nov 30 (Petra) –– The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources' fuel pricing committee said Monday that the price of kerosene will be fixed at its current price for a period of five months, starting from December 1st till late April, upon a recommendation by the Council of Ministers.

    The committee said at its monthly meeting chaired by its head, Ministry Secretary-General Amani Al-Azzam, that gasoline November prices will be unchanged in December, but diesel price has slightly risen.

    The meeting, in which to determine the selling prices of oil derivatives locally for the period from the 1st to the 31st of December, reviewed global crude prices and oil derivatives, fixing the price of 90-octane gasoline at JD0.665 per liter, 95-octane gasoline at JD0.880 per liter and kerosene at JD0.460 per liter. It also fixed the price of cooking gas at JD7.0, but raised the price of diesel by JD0.01 to become JD0.470 per liter, instead of JD0.460.

    The committee pointed out that Brent crude rose from $40.2 per barrel in October to $42.5 per barrel in November.

    It said that the price of kerosene, a staple fuel widely used for heating in winter, will be reduced if it dropped globally during the five-month period set by the cabinet.


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