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    Housing ministry urges public to exercise caution due to unstable weather conditions

    December 6, 2020
    real estate

    (Petra)-- The Ministry of Public Works and Housing, on Friday, called on citizens to take caution and avoid streams of torrents and valleys, and to report any emergency situation by directly contacting the main operations room in the ministry and operating rooms in the governorates, or by downloading the public works notification system on smart phones.

    The ministry, in a statement, also called on citizens to use the numbers of the main emergency room and operating rooms in the directorates and offices of the ministry: Main Operations 065850111, Amman public works directorate 0780377291, Karak 0780377231, Jerash 0780377187, Madaba 0780377363, Ma'an 0780377337, Mafraq 0780377389, Balqa 0780377389, Tafila 0780377413, Ajloun 0780377324, Zarqa 0780377125, Aqaba 0780377351, Irbid 0780377273, Ramtha 0780377388, and Petra 0780377154.


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