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    Construction works in Marj Al Hammam affect businesses'

    January 19, 2021
    finance & economy

    AMMAN —The lockdowns and bridge and tunnel construction works in Amman’s Marj Al Hamam neighbourhood have had their profound impact on businesses, which complained of 'sharp' decline in revenues.

    According to shop owners, the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying curfews and lockdowns has coincided with the bridge and tunnel construction works at Marj Al Hamam intersection, causing a sharp decline in sales and leading to permanent or temporary closures of businesses there.

    They also said that the COVID-19 crisis has enlarged existing challenges, voicing hope that the reopening of sectors and better infrastructure would bring more customers and stimulate their deteriorating businesses.

    'No compensations were paid to affected businesses; no one knows how long would the construction process last and shop owners are confused about where from to get help,' Yousef Qaisi, a shop owner from the area told The Jordan Times.

    “Sales have dipped by 90 per cent and now I need to pay staff salaries, taxes and other operational costs and utility bills,” Qaisi, who is also a member of the area’s impacted traders committee, added.

    “The pandemic has slowed traffic in the area even more and the construction work is likely to end behind schedule,” Khairi Hirzalla, owner of a car care centre told The Jordan Times over the phone.

    The revenues from Hirzalla’s business have been heavily impacted since June 2019, when the major construction started in the area with revenues dropping by an average of 60 per cent.

    The temporary business closure was supposed to last for three weeks, but six months have passed since then and the car centre is still not operating, Hirzallah said.


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