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    Education Ministry issues guidebook for students’ return to schools amid pandemic

    January 21, 2021

    AMMAN — The Education Ministry on Wednesday launched a guidebook on the return of students to school for the second semester under health measures taken with regard to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Regarding measures taken, administrative staff at schools, between January 17 and 24, will prepare student lists based on available space at schools, with the two-metres safe distance between each student. These lists shall be published on available schools’ platforms, and a copy of them will be provided to Queen Rania’s Centre for Education Technology.

    The ministry will publish a link for inquiries about the arrangements for attendance of students and its forms on January 28.

    Kindergarten, first graders and general secondary (Tawjihi) students will return to school on February 7, followed by second graders on the day after, and third graders on February 9, according to the guidebook.

    Tenth and 11 graders will return to school on February 21, while grades four to nine will return to school on March 7, said the guidebook.

    The return will be in accordance with the plan prepared by the ministries of education and health. The established timeline and health measures are to be in effect at all educational institutions affiliated with the ministry including public, private, military and UNRWA schools, in addition to kindergartens.

    The guidebook suggests teaching healthy habits and precautionary measures to younger students through songs, and answering any questions they might have. It also encourages students to wear protective gear, wash their hands regularly and focus on proper disposal of medical items used among other tips.

    The guidebook specifies the procedure to be followed in the event a student is suspected of being infected with the virus. A health supervisor at every school will be in charge of ensuring wearing of masks and taking action to limit contact with any student who might show any virus symptoms.

    The guidebook states that no medicine shall be given to the person suspected of infection, contacting their parent or guardian to ask them to have the student tested at one of the accredited labs or public hospitals.

    Those who test positive, are to undergo home quarantine for 10 days in case they are asymptomatic or 13 if they develop symptoms according to the health protocol, and those who were in touch with them must also be tested.

    The guidebook also includes measures to be taken in the event a teacher tests positive for the virus, according to the classes they teach.

    The guidebook, which is over 40 pages long, covers issues of entering and exiting schools, transportation, recess, morning assembly, meetings, school shops, and mental support of students among others, in addition to emphasising on raising awareness of students and the larger community.


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