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    Circular limiting staff does not include private sector: Ministry

    February 28, 2021
    finance & economy

    (Petra) -- The Prime Minister's circular to keep staff at a minimum to maintain the workflow does not include the institutions and establishments of the private sector, nor any other party subject to the Labor Law, said Mohammad Zyoud, media spokesman for the Labor Ministry.

    Zyoud stressed the need to adhere to defense orders, reports, instructions, decisions, work procedures protocols and preventive measures as stated by the Ministry of Labor and approved by the Ministry of Health including adherence to social distancing, wearing a mask and preventing gatherings.

    The Prime Minister’s circular, he pointed out, had instructed the Cabinet to take strict measures in each of the ministries, public and official institutions, government departments, bodies and authorities, public universities, government-owned companies, municipalities, including the Greater Amman Municipality, and shared services councils, to use the minimum number of employees necessary to maintain the workflow and to provide services to citizens.

    It required public institutions to use no more than 30 percent of the total number of employees, except for entities 'whose work nature requires otherwise,' but no more than 50 percent of total number of employees, as of next Sunday, February 28 of 2021, through employee rotations or remote work, provided that the Audit Bureau monitors the implementation of these measures.


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