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    Fuel prices up during next March, announces gov't committee-

    March 1, 2021
    oil and gas

    Amman, Feb. 28 (Petra) - Prices of main oil derivatives will increase for 1-31 next March, according to the monthly fuel price list the government released Sunday.
    Based on a decision taken by the government’s pricing committee, one litre of unleaded 90-octane gasoline will now be sold at JD0.760, up from JD0.730 last month, while one litre of 95-octane will cost JD0.980 compared with JD0.945 in February.
    Both diesel and kerosene are JD0.555 per litre on the new price list, up from JD0.525, according to a Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply statement.
    The price of cooking gas, which is also used by households for heating purposes, remains unchanged at JD7 per cylinder under the committee’s decision, the statement said.
    A government pricing committee meets monthly to adjust prices in a manner that corresponds to changes on the international market.
    The committee comprising representatives from the ministries of energy and finance, and the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company calculates the updates based on average international oil prices during the preceding 30 days.
    During its last meeting, the review of fuel prices worldwide has shown an increase in February, which is reflected on the cost of oil derivatives locally during the same comparison period, the statement noted.


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