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    Public Works Minister, KfW Development Bank Director discuss cooperation, progress on establishing new schools

    November 16, 2022

    Amman, Nov. 14 (Petra)-- Minister of Public Works and Housing and Minister of Transport, Ahmad Maher Abul Samen, on Monday met with Director of KfW Development Bank Office in Jordan, Mark Schwiete.

    The meeting covered ways to enhance cooperation between the bank and the ministry, and developments related to the establishment of KfW-funded schools.

    Abu Al-Saman valued the KfW's support for educational projects in Jordan, and said he was looking forward to more cooperation in the future, which would contribute to supporting Jordan's hosting of Syrian refugees, in addition to supporting the establishment of schools in all governorates to accommodate their increasing number.

    'School projects aim to improve the educational process and reduce overcrowding in them,' Abul Samen said.

    He stressed that all projects were carried out in accordance with the highest international engineering standards, and reducing the operational costs of schools during the design were taken into account, by providing them with energy-saving systems and reducing energy consumption to the lowest level in line with the global trend towards reducing energy consumption and moving towards alternative sources.

    The meeting highlighted progress of the projects funded by the bank and key developments related to the agreement that was signed with the bank and related to the establishment of a group of schools in all governorates under a loan financed by the Bank.

    20-25 schools are expected to be implemented through the loan, in all its phases. They will be distributed between new schools and school ancillary facilities, in addition to management work and providing technical support for the project under a KfW grant.

    Abu Al-Saman instructed ministry stakeholders to implement the project according to the schedule and to cooperate with the KfW and consultants to solve and address any obstacles facing the project in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

    Abu Al-Saman indicated that the development of studies and designs for the implementation and supervision of 18 new schools has been completed, and work is underway to establish others in addition to establishing 9 schools as architectural competitions for consultants. The consulting offices that will later design and supervise have been qualified to provide engineering services, and the architectural idea submitted by them is currently being evaluated as a competition, which will be part of the technical offer submitted by the companies, according to the highest engineering standards.

    Abu Al-Saman said that the ministry is developing a comprehensive plan for the maintenance of schools after they operate, which is considered a top priority to contribute to raising the operational life of these schools.

    The bank will provide technical support for school projects after completion and handing them over to the government and conducting the necessary evaluations for one year after the project operation and continuous evaluation of these schools with the aim of maintaining their sustainability. According to the agreement, maintenance should be kept by the Ministry of Education after taking over the schools in accordance with the rules.

    For his part, Schwiete expressed appreciation for Minister Abu Al-Samen's cooperation.

    He highlighted works carried out by the KfW in the region and the expected objectives of the project. He also referred to the support previously provided by the German bank and the ongoing partnership between the Jordanian Government and the KfW Development Bank.

    Concluding the meeting, an agreement was signed to provide technical support to the ministry and engineers during the implementation of projects through a grant provided by the bank with the aim of raising the efficiency of engineers and workers in the ministry.


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