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    Local Administration Ministry announces contingency plan for winter

    October 27, 2020

    (Petra) –– The Ministry of Local Administration said Monday it drew up a master plan to deal with severe weather conditions, which raises municipalities' capacity to manage weather-related emergencies during winter.

    Assistant Secretary-General for Services Hussein Mhaidat told Petra on the phone that to prepare for the onset of winter, the ministry had put in place a three-phased response plan to elevate municipalities' preparedness to deal with harsh weather.

    It includes dredging valleys and cleaning rainwater drains, maintaining machinery and water suction engines, supplementing fuel reserves, placing warning signs in danger areas and moving inhabitants living near valleys and streams to higher and safer grounds.

    The second phase is putting municipalities on maximum alert during snowstorms and flash floods, preparing operation rooms and providing logistical support for emergency crews, he said.

    The third phase, he added, is coordination with institutions and relevant bodies, including the Ministry of Public Works, Amman Municipality, administrative governors, civil defense, armed forces and the Meteorological Department on latest weather reports.


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