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    Cabinet passes draft investment law, access-to-information protocols

    December 21, 2020

    Amman, Dec. 20 (Petra) -- The Cabinet on Sunday endorsed a bill amending the current investment law with the aim of strengthening the role the Jordan Investment Commission and enabling it to attract competitive ventures by giving it 'specific incentives'.

    In a session chaired by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, the Cabinet also approved a number of a procedural protocols designed to institutionalize the enforcement of the Law on Access to Information for use by government agencies and department.

    The protocols included the following: the Procedural Protocol for the Enforcement of the Law on Access to Information, the Information Classification Protocol and Document and File Management and Indexing Protocol.

    These protocols are part of the commitments set forth in the fourth National Plan under the Transparent Government Partnership Initiative 2018-2020, previously approved by the Council of Ministers, which provides for the institutionalization of procedures for implementing the Law on Access to Information.

    The Cabinet also passed the 2020 Jordanian Artificial Intelligence Policy and ordered its circulation on government departments and agencies.

    The policy aims to define the government's artificial intelligence (AI) approach in all vital economic sectors, create an enabling environment for AI application in the legislative, regulatory and technological aspects, and to build Jordanian capabilities and skills in this field.

    The Cabinet also approved a draft amending the Public Security Department's payroll and increment bylaw. The bill is intended to increase gratuity of long-serving police when they retire.

    According to the cabinet, the draft bylaw also aims to 'raise the level of military service to the highest levels, in all stages, specifically the post-military service phase (retirement phase), and to contribute to improving the living conditions of military retirees.'

    Additionally, the Cabinet endorsed a bill amending the bylaw on the judicial service and increments of military judges. The Cabinet indicated that the draft is in line with the restructuring plan of the Jordanian Armed Forces-Arab Army, and seeks to develop and improve the conditions of working military judges, motivating them, and improving their living conditions after the end of their military service.

    The Cabinet also approved a draft amending the Procurement Bylaw of the Civil Service Consumer Corporation, with the aim of enabling the corporation to adopt procurement methods that ensure the supply of quality goods at the best prices.


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