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    Queen Rania seeks equitable global vaccine distribution-

    February 9, 2021

    Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan has called upon the international community to address the issues fuelling rising inequality during the Covid-19 pandemic, stressing the need for equitable global vaccine distribution, said a report.

    'This pandemic has really revealed and reinforced cracks in our world order along the lines of income inequality, gender inequity, social injustice, and you can’t add health inequality on top of that,' said Queen Rania in an interview to CNN.

    She urged countries with a surplus of vaccines to donate them to poorer nations.

    'We are all in a race against a pandemic, not against each other. I see no reason why those who have excess supply can’t donate their surplus to poorer countries, and I’m glad that some countries have committed to doing just that, she told CNN’s Becky Anderson on the sidelines of the 20th Warwick Economics Summit.

    The Queen went on to say that while everyone has suffered some kind of loss since the start of the pandemic, this loss hasn’t been felt equally.

    'While some people are enjoying the benefits of rebounding global markets, far too many people around the world are suffering from parallel pandemics of hunger, violence, and illiteracy' she stated.

    During the interview, Queen Rania also discussed how the pandemic has affected education and the importance of developing accessible remote learning programmes, and how women worldwide have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

    She noted that now was the perfect time to ”Revamp, rethink, and redesign the workplace so that it better meets the needs of men and women.”

    'Whatever ‘normal’ we go back to, I know that we cannot go back to the ‘old normal’ that left too many people behind. If we’ve learnt one thing from this crisis, it’s that we’re only as strong as the weakest among us,” she added.


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