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    Restaurants show signs of recovery — sector representative-

    February 15, 2021

    AMMAN — Restaurants and cafés in the Kingdom have started witnessing signs of recovery since the lifting of Friday lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Jordan Association for Restaurants and Sweets Shops Owners.

    “Lockdown-free Fridays have helped restaurants to bounce back. Things are not like before, but we hope the situation gets better,” Omar Awwad, president of the Jordan Association for Restaurants and Sweets Shops Owners, told The Jordan Times on Sunday.

    The pandemic has not only been a “devastating health crisis”, but it has also affected many local eateries, whereas many restaurants closed temporarily until the situation gets better, he said, adding that many restaurant owners are waiting for summer to reopen.

    Last Friday, demand for restaurants fell by 30 per cent, given that people gathered outdoors, Awwad said, adding that the industry’s operators follow sector-specific guidelines.

    Before the crisis there were some 22,000 restaurants. Now only 18,000 are operating, Awwad noted.

    “Most restaurants lack sufficient liquidity, which was the biggest immediate challenge,” he said.

    In previous remarks, Awwad said that the sector has “great economic importance” as it employs 50,000 to 60,000 workers, including locals and foreigners, noting that many are not getting paid due to the crisis.

    According to Awwad, the sector incurred losses worth hundreds of millions due to the high rental, licensing and utility fees.


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