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    Authorities put resources on standby for weather emergencies

    February 17, 2021

    AMMAN — Authorities have put resources on standby in light of expected inclement weather conditions.

    The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has published weather safety tips, as well as, a set of severe weather warnings for the public.

    GAM urged the public to follow the guidelines, which include:

    — Avoid going out or driving in adverse weather conditions, such as rainfall and snow unless absolutely necessary.

    — Stay away from low-lying areas, rainwater runoff, streams, creeks and other watercourses,

    — Secure roof-top objects that could become loose during high winds.

    — Avoid parking vehicles on road sides as they hinder the operation of snow removal vehicles.

    — Install a high flow submersible water pump, ready for use if necessary.

    — Do not connect rain gutters to the sewer system, to avoid flooding in the streets.

    — Do not litter as it might cause blockages in the stormwater drain system.

    — Keep construction materials indoors.

    — Avoid storing items in the basement unless necessary precautions are taken.

    — Clear the accumulation of snow in front of your home, to maintain safety of the public.

    In a statement made available to The Jordan times, the Amman mayor pointed out that “GAM with its engineering, technical and professional teams are at the service of the public 24 hours a day”.

    There are 162 snow sweepers that would work day and night according to the predetermined snow removal routes, he said.

    The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has confirmed readiness to deal with the expected weather conditions, through its field teams deployed across the Kingdom, according to a ministry statement made available to The Jordan Times.

    “The ministry has 94 emergency teams backed by 400 service vehicles, in addition to private sector machineries that are utilised for public service,” the statement said.

    The Jordan Electric Power Company (JEPCO) also confirmed its preparedness, pointing out that its teams are “highly qualified and professional”, to implement the previously prepared severe weather emergency plan.


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