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    Agriculture minister launches national afforestation project

    May 9, 2021
    finance & economy

    (Petra)- Minister of Agriculture, Khalid Hneifat, launched on Thursday, the national afforestation project, which covers all the Kingdom's governorates and the desert highway, with the aim of expanding the green area and combating desertification.
    Speaking during the launch ceremony, he said this project aims to stimulate the agricultural sector, stressing the need for 'implementable, sustainable' plans in this regard.
    The minister called for launching platforms to hire 5,500 temporary employees and 300 agricultural engineers for a 3-month period to work within the afforestation project.
    The project needs a 'great' effort and is challenging in light of the scarcity of water resources, which necessitates taking action to optimally utilize natural and human resources and harness all capabilities for water harvesting action, according to the minister.
    To better serve the project-related efforts, the minister stressed the need to launch the desert afforestation center in desert Al-Qatraneh area,located 90km south of Amman.


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