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    Low-cost airlines from Europe resume flights to Aqaba

    November 1, 2021

    Aqaba, Oct. 31 (Petra) -- Ryanair on Sunday launched its first flight from Bulgaria's capital of Sofia, to the King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba, southern Jordan, announcing a new and promising stage for resuming flights of low-cost airlines towards the Golden Tourist Triangle, amid organized health protocols.

    Ryanair said today King Hussein International Airport received its first flight, a part of series of low-cost flights for a number of international airlines from various European destinations directly towards the city of Aqaba.

    CEO of Aqaba Airports Company and Director of King Hussein International Airport, Ramzi Arafat, said that King Hussein International Airport has begun to recover from the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the decline in the severity of the pandemic, which particularly affected airlines and the tourism sector worldwide.

    Regarding the upcoming flight from Sofia - Bulgaria, Arafat explained that it is the first flight for airlines within the low-cost return program to Aqaba. It will be followed by weekly scheduled flights carrying passengers from Athens, Greece, Cologne, Germany, Milan and Rome, Italy, while other flights from Vienna, Austria will follow, with a weekly average of two flights.

    Arafat noted that on November 6, EasyJet will operate its first flights from three European destinations, from Berlin, Germany, Geneva, Switzerland, and Gatwick Airport in London, with a weekly flight, to which two destinations will be added next month, starting from Manchester in London and Milan in Italy.

    He pointed out that Wizz Air will start its flights to Aqaba as of mid-December, at a rate of two flights per week, coming from Bucharest, Romania, and Budapest, Hungary, as well as from Rome and Vienna.

    He announced that Royal Jordanian Airlines has increased the number of its flights to Aqaba to become a daily flight, in addition to Jordan Aviation's flights to and from Amman by three flights a week, as well as charter flights received by the airport, pointing out that the company receives many requests to operate different flights.

    He said that operating routes to Aqaba from several European destinations was the result of great efforts to facilitate the arrival of tourists to Aqaba at low costs and within the reach of all categories of tourists and their incomes, in addition to providing regular transportation for investors in Aqaba.


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