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    Jordanian modelling agency launches new collection celebrating female power

    November 7, 2021

    AMMAN — Jordanian modelling agency “Zvemeché” celebrated their one-year anniversary collaborating with local Jordanian fashion designer Sara Mansour, to launch her “Juno Moneta” collection for spring-summer ‘22 in Amman on Friday.

    The collection is inspired by Juno Moneta, the Roman goddess who was the wife of Jupiter and considered the Queen of Gods, as she “earned her title as a Goddess instead of inheriting it”, according to Roman mythology.

    “The collection represents the female power and superiority rather than inferiority,” Mansour told The Jordan Times during an interview on Friday.

    In terms of design, Mansour noted that she used drapes, which are very soft and smooth, as well as very structured materials, such as hand embroidered flowers.

    The fashion show launching took place in the French Mansion, a monument of European architecture located in Salt. Mansour said: “We chose this place specifically as it matched our theme.”

    Saif Saleh, the founder and director of ‘Zvemeché’, the first all-Jordanian modelling agency in the Kingdom, noted that the agency aims to support local talents and showcase their work, whether that be models, designers, photographers, as well as many other types of artists.

    “The idea of the modelling agency came to support my friends who needed a push in their lives. My partner, Izzat Bdair, and I took the risk in hopes of helping local talents and artists thrive and make their dreams come true. I am very glad to have Sara Mansour as our first collaboration,” Saleh told The Jordan Times during an interview on Friday.

    Saleh indicated that the modelling industry has many challenges in Jordan, as many people do not believe “modelling” should be a paid job: “We are trying to portray what modelling truly is, and despite the challenging obstacles, we want to help our models go international,” he said.

    Rahaf Rababah, Zvemeché’s office coordinator and the fashion show’s organiser, indicated that she loves working with local talents and supporting them: “We are very proud and happy with this first, successful collaboration, and we are looking forward tofurthercollaboration with Jordanian artists,” she said.

    Jordanian rapper Abdullah Abdulhadi, known under his stage name “Acequared”, opened the fashion show, saying: “I am very excited to be performing for the first time since the pandemic, and it is very special too as it is in support of another Jordanian artist”.


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