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    Energy minister stresses keeping up with tech developments

    November 21, 2021
    oil and gas

    Amman, Nov. 20 (Petra) -- The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Kharabsheh on Saturday underscored the need to keep pace with global technological developments in the energy sector to enhance the contribution of local sources to the overall energy mix and reduce operational costs.

    Inaugurating a Monitoring and Control Center at the Samra Electric Power Company (SEPCO), Kharabsheh said that the sector is witnessing important developments, especially in the field of renewable energy storage, which can be leveraged to solve the most prominent challenges facing the sector to reduce operational costs and provide the national economy with an added value.

    He pointed out that government-owned energy companies have sufficient experience in the field of renewable energy that can be leveraged, especially since Jordan was one of the first countries to invest in this field, stressing the need to invest in Jordanian human resources.

    Kharabsheh also underlined the need to support the SEPCO to carry out its 'distinguished role' in supporting the stability of the electrical system in the Kingdom and ensuring it continues to supply about a third of the generating capacity of the electrical system.

    The Director General of the SEPCO Sufian Bataineh briefed the minister on the government-owned company's role in supplying the electrical system with a capacity of 1,482 megawatts, covering 35 percent of the overall energy consumed in the Kingdom.


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