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    Oil exploration in Jafer, Sarhan areas to commence in February 2022 — Energy Ministry-

    December 1, 2021
    oil and gas

    AMMAN — The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has begun data collection on oil exploration in Al Jafer and Al Sarhan before the oil exploration commences in February 2022, Minister Saleh Kharabsheh said on Tuesday.

    Kharabsheh said that a contract will be signed with a specialised company to process and analyse the data for each area, stressing that the ministry will not deal with any company unless it has satisfactory experience.

    The minister expects the next two years to witness “active works” for oil and gas exploration in most areas of the Kingdom, in which 2,000 kilometers of two-dimensional seismic surveys will be analysed, and then interested companies will be invited to apply for exploration licenses, according to a ministry statement.

    As for the Hamzah oil field, he said that the ministry is currently following up on the work to increase production through digging three deep wells. He expects digging to commence next August and to last for 12 months.

    The ministry started processing data in Al Jafer, Al Sarhan areas, and will commence digging works in February 2022, Kharabsheh said.

    Kharabsheh added that detailed studies for East Jafer are being prepared to dig three medium-depth wells, in cooperation with the National Petroleum Company, if studies prove their profitability.

    The minister added that work is ongoing to enhance the capacity of local capabilities to benefit Jordan’s expertise in the sector, noting that there is a plan to buy an “advanced digger” to contribute to the exploration works nationwide.

    He also said that Jordan is rich with natural resources that the Kingdom has potential to provide the national economy with added value and increase its contribution to GDP.


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