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    Lower House speaker receives protesters from Lafarge Jordan Cement

    December 14, 2021
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    Amman, Dec. 13 (Petra)-- Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Abdel Karim Al-Dughmi, received representatives of Lafarge Jordan Cement's workers, who carried out a sit-in today in front of the parliament to demand labor rights.

    In the presence of Labor Minister, Nayef Steitieh, Al-Dughmi called for finding radical and immediate solutions to protesters' demands and meeting the rightful of which, saying: 'They are our sons and we are keen that they obtain their rights,' a Lower House statement said Monday.

    Steitieh said the ministry initiated negotiations with the company in this regard, as the company, also known as 'Jordan Cement Factories', presented a set of solutions, and the Lower House Speaker, the Parliamentary Labor Committee and protesters will be briefed on these solutions in order to reach satisfactory agreements for both parties.

    For his part, head of the Parliamentary Labor, Social Development and Population Committee, Hussein Harasis, said that the committee is available for everyone and will spare no effort to ensure that rights are given to their owners, and grant justice to workers who file complaints with the committee about their demands.


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