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    Energy ministry, army partner to explore rare minerals in Dubaidib

    January 13, 2022
    oil and gas

    AMMAN —The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) meant to promote strategic partnership in the fields of mining and the exploration of rare minerals in the Dubaidib region, east of the coastal city of Aqaba.

    As per the agreement, for a maximum period of two years, a preliminary assessment and geological survey will be conducted over a 2,400-kilometre spot, aside from natural, archaeological and geological reserves, in addition to areas where mining rights have been granted to other parties, according to a ministry statement.

    Energy Minister Saleh Al Kharabsheh in press remarks following the signing ceremony noted that the memo entails the exploration of 17 rare-earth elements besides lithium in the Dubaidib region.

    He highlighted that the ministry's initial exploration shows that these elements are available in sufficient quantities in the region.

    Companies interested in optimising strategic minerals are invited to directly contact the ministry, Kharabsheh said.


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