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    1st Yemeni flight in six years arrives in Kingdom

    May 17, 2022

    Amman, May 16 (Petra) –– The first Yemenia Airways flight arrived at the Queen Alia International Airport from Sana'a Monday afternoon, after a 6-year suspension, Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission Chief Commissioner/CEO, Haitham Misto, announced.

    Mesto told Petra in an interview that 30 passengers were on board the plane, which later departed to the Yemeni capital carrying 55 passengers.

    Yemenia Airways will operate one flight a week from San'a and three others from Aden to Amman.

    Minister of Transport in the Sana’a government Abdul Wahab Al-Durra said earlier that the first commercial flight from Sanaa Airport since a humanitarian truce in the country took hold will head to Jordan today, Yemen News Agency Saba reported.

    The commercial flight was originally scheduled on April 24, but the airline deferred it.

    The Yemeni minister confirmed that Sana'a International Airport was technically ready to receive all civil and commercial flights.

    The airport, he pointed out, offers daily air services by Yemeni staff to United Nations aircraft and affiliated organisations working in Yemen.


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