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    Huawei preserves NO.1 in telecom equipment market globally-Dell'Oro Group data

    June 9, 2022

    Amman, June 8 (Petra)--Huawei maintained NO.1 in global communications equipment with revenues of $100 billon, which accounted for about 28 percent of the global market.

    According to telecommunication data services providers group, (Dell’ Oro Group) which is based in Silicon Valley, Huawei achieved these results, despite the U.S. government's 2019 boycott campaign, for reducing the use of Huawei equipment, however its revenues rose by 7% annually.

    And according to Dell’ Oro Database, Ericsson comes in the second place after Huawei with revenue of 15 percent of global market, followed by Nokia by 14.9 percent, ZTE fourthly by 10.5 percent, then Cisco by 5.6 percent and Samsung by 3.1 percent.

    Dell’ Oro Group said: Huawei position and impact as telecommunication provider is still strong in global market, where providing services in 170 countries and regions in addition to using Huawei products by 3 billion people around the world.

    Depending on US Group, Huawei technologies are considered as the most advanced and highly secure, besides protecting privacy, cyber security as a high priority for global companies.

    Cybersecurity and privacy are very important to Huawei, there is completely no backdoors in its products and Huawei is willing to sign no-backdoor and no-spy agreements with governments around the world.

    For confirming considering the cyber security as high priority, Huawei established 7 cybersecurity transparency centers around the world, two of them in Brussels and Dongguan (China), and five centers in UK, Germany, Italy, Canada and the UAE.

    These centers serve 3 main goals aimed to show Huawei's comprehensive cybersecurity practices, and allow open changes on new technologies and security concepts, and provide testing platform, security verification and services that related for Huawei customers.

    In addition, these centers provide platform in industry for building potential and creating common value, to be able facing cybersecurity and privacy challenges together.


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