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    Krishan: 90-million-euro loan for municipalities to implement renewable energy projects

    June 17, 2022
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    Aqaba, June 16 (Petra)-- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration Tawfiq Krishan, on Thursday, said that the Kingdom’s 100 municipalities will benefit from the Municipal Energy Efficiency Program to implement renewable energy projects.
    During a meeting at the port city of Aqaba, Krishan added that the 90-million euro program will be implemented by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Cities and Villages Development Bank (CVDB).
    The program includes establishing farms to generate electricity by using solar energy, and fast charging stations for electric cars inside cities and on highways, according to Krishan.
    He pointed to the importance of searching for alternative energy sources which will contribute to reducing the electricity bill that constitutes almost 20 percent of the municipal expenditures.


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